Problems & Solution

A mortal with faith and principles who believes in the "language of kindness" and the "culture of respect".

Based on our dreams and prejudices we imagine about our future happiness and sadness. To get rid of our future unknown problems, we try to create plans today. However, we often forget to ask a simple question, is planning a solution to the unknown problem of the future advantageous or disadvantageous to us? Is it not true that both, the problem and its solution emerge together, for the person as well as for their surroundings? If we take a look at our past or study any of the world histories, we can immediately realize that whenever there was a problem, there also emerged a solution to that. Is this not a simple universal law of balance?

Factually, problems are the very origin of solutions. Whenever we emerge out of our problems, we progress a step further, become brighter and more confident, not just for ourself but also for the world around us. Is this not correct? In reality, the problems give rise to opportunities that further gives us a chance to bring a change in ourself, to elevate our thoughts and to gain confidence and knowledge. People who understand this do not worry about the problems, but the people who do not understand this, aren't they a problem themselves for the world?

What do you think about it?

PS. Interpretation based on the principles of Bhagavad Gita and my life experiences.

"We only have the right to our work and not to its results. Therefore, it is neither advisable to give up our work nor to expect any results for the same." - Bhagavad Gita