Facts & Truth

A mortal with faith and principles who believes in the "language of kindness" and the "culture of respect".

There always comes a moment in each one of our lives where we decide to speak the truth, but for some reason, we are unable to say it. Perhaps, some form of fear surrounds us in such moments? To talk about a particular occasion or an incident or to simply state and clarify our mistake, is that the truth? Not really, these are just stating the mere facts. Meaning, to admit the facts is a common notion.

However, sometimes even while uttering the facts, we experience fear. Perhaps, we think about the feelings of the other person, or we think about not to accidentally hurt someone we care about that stops up from saying anything at all. But then what is the real form of truth? Do we ever think about it? If a person can state the facts, even when one is scared, that is called the truth. Truth is nothing but another name for fearlessness. And there is no special moment to act fearlessly because fearlessness is within the character of a person. Therefore, isn't every moment, in reality, a moment to say the truth?

What do you think about it?

PS. Interpretation based on the principles of Bhagavad Gita and my life experiences.

"We only have the right to our work and not to its results. Therefore, it is neither advisable to give up our work nor to expect any results for the same." - Bhagavad Gita