Global Citizen

I feel peaceful in taking small actions as per my capability on the Global Citizen platform and thank everyone involved in this noble cause.

The Global Citizen is managed by the Global Poverty Project, an international education and campaigning organization from the USA. Global Citizen aims to build a movement of hundred million action-taking Global Citizens to help achieve a vision of ending extreme poverty by 2030. On the Global Citizen platform, we can perform actions that help the Global Citizens team to pressurize the world leaders into making commitments around the issues associated with extreme poverty like gender equality, food security, education, the environment, global health, citizenship and sanitation. Global Citizen also encourages us to learn more and take actions on a range of issues related to extreme poverty, helping to build the movement that will end extreme poverty by being a part of a diverse movement of many organizations, all around the world.

"It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving that counts." - Mary Teresa Bojaxhiu