💼 IT Project Manager

May 2019 to Jun 2019 - Sattel Business Solutions GmbH, Germany

  • Planning and implementation of customer projects in the DMS and ERP area.
  • Project planning in coordination with our customers, our partners, our development and our sales.
  • Advice to customers and partners in the context of events, workshops and projects.
  • Installation, configuration and training of software solutions via remote access and on site at our customers.

💼 Scientific Employee

Oct 2017 to Nov 2018 - Ulm University, Germany

  • Designing a generic framework for mobile data collection with end-user programming.
  • Harmonizing clinical & mobile data assessments by integrating identical questionnaires.
  • Implementing the data protection and data validation rules in the framework.
  • Integrating patient feedback and intervention concepts with the framework for greater interactivity.
  • Supervising master students, lecturing on machine learning and publishing topic related articles.
  • Working on multiple statistical analysis projects for clinical assessment of patients.
  • Working in military hospital to understand the clinical procedures performed by doctors.

May 2018 to Jun 2018 - Medbo Bezirksklinikum, Germany

  • Understanding patient procedures & working in a clinical environment.
  • Collaborating with researchers on different projects for data analysis.
  • Sharing know-how on data protection & data anonymization.
  • In-depth statistical analysis on psychiatry patients for pre & post medication.
  • Performing systematic literature study on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.
  • Remotely managing the research tasks of Ulm University & reporting back.

🎓 Masters in Information Systems

Sep 2014 to Dec 2016 - Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria

  • Majors in IS Processes & IS Service Management.
  • Ranked #5 (top 15%) & received best grade for Master thesis.
  • IEEE publication & scholarship for academic exchange semester.

Jun 2015 to Sep 2015 - Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, India

  • Courses in Strategic management & marketing, Business & Data analysis.
  • Participated in the institutes IT team for user support activities.

💼 Business Technology Specialist

Jul 2016 to Sep 2016 - Match-Maker Ventures, Austria

  • Research & management of startups with respect to technology & market.
  • IT infrastructure development & administrative support activities.
  • Business and technical analysis with respect to company's processes.

💼 Business Finance Manager

May 2013 to Sep 2014 - Essen Electromech, India

  • Administering company financial accounting using vendor based ERP.
  • Developing and maintaining the social media marketing.
  • Product development and research on new business prospects.
  • Human resource management.

💼 Business Finance Manager

Nov 2012 to May 2013 - The New Indian Express Group Companies, India

  • Administering company final accounts & managing a team of 18 people & 3 local sites.
  • Achieving highest debt recovery & increasing overall sales by approx. 10%
  • Re-engineering vendor based ERP system for better accounting efficiency.
  • Business & technical analysis of company's internal & external processes.
  • Human resources management and team co-ordinations.

🎓 Bachelors in Business & IT Management

Jun 2008 to Apr 2012 - Sardar Patel University, India

  • Majors in Marketing and International Business.
  • Class topper in 2nd year internals & graduated with overall distinction.
  • Runners up in SEO & Network design competition on state level.

"In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed." - Charles Robert Darwin