Data Scientist

A mortal with faith and principles who believes in the language of kindness and the culture of respect.

Kushal Agrawal

Professional Persona

I am a professional in the field of computer science and business management. I love challenges in the field of technology and operations and like to test my skill when it comes to the integration of both. I am an open-minded individual who looks at challenges as an inevitable part of life which helps me to grow personally and professionally.

Operating in collaboration and ability to communicate the work to diverse groups is a part of my working persona. I like to encompass the latest technological and industrial trends in my projects to increase my benchmarks progressively. Entrepreneur spirit runs in the family which makes me think outside the box and challenge myself in terms of innovativeness.

Kushal Agrawal Programming Knowledge

Coding in Python but also aware of SQL, HTML, Java, C & R.

Kushal Agrawal Linguistic Abilities

Native English & Hindi speaker who speaks a little German.

Kushal Agrawal Software Knowledge

Experienced in using 23+ softwares in different domains.

Kushal Agrawal Travels

Worked in India, Austria, Germany & travelled 10+ countries.

Personal Avatar

I am a spiritual person at heart who believes in the language of kindness and culture of respect. Going through a near-death experience in my childhood, overcoming bullying during academics and facing discrimination at one of the workplaces, has nurtured me to get the heart of a lion and mind of a saint. I think it is not about the outcome of situations, but rather how we endure them and choices we make in the process that defines who we are.

Whenever I get the time and the opportunity, I try to help people with their specific concerns. I do this to create a second definition in life which goes beyond the working profiles that usually define us. I believe, if we are open to learn and close to arrogance, we will grow continuously and become a better version of ourselves.

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi